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We assist individuals and their families with Spain visa applications, from initial guidance at the start of the process, through to the preparation of documents ahead of meetings with Spanish authorities.

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Spanish visa applications

Spain is one of the most popular destinations for UK expats. Two of the most popular visa routes open to UK nationals are the Golden Visa and the Non-working Residence Visa. See below for more information.

We provide tailored assistance to individuals submitting visa applications to Spanish authorities, giving them the best possible chance of having their applications accepted.

Find out more about the process of applying and how we can help, below. 

You can also visit our friends at Spanish Visas if you need more assistance.

Spanish visa routes

There are many Spanish visa routes open to UK nationals. Here are two of the most popular:

Golden Visa

Each country’s golden visa programme has prerequisites. The requirements, though, are some of Europe’s most simple – which makes their golden visa programme particularly popular across the globe, including in the UK.

Non-working Residence Visa

The Non-working Residence visa – formerly the Non-lucrative Residence visa – allows you to live in Spain with restrictions relating to the undertaking of paid work in the country. It is particularly popular with retired expats.

Required documentation

For your Spanish visa applications to be accepted by Spanish authorities, you will be required to provide a number of documents, prepared to exacting standards. The documents you may be asked to submit may include:

Those wishing to emigrate from the UK to Spain may be required to provide proof that they are of ‘good character’. A criminal background check, or ACRO, is usually enough to satisfy foreign authorities of this. ACRO certificates must be legalised and translated before being submitted to Spanish authorities. Find out more about ACROs in our blog.

If you are making Spanish visa applications with a dependent partner or spouse, you may be asked to supply Spanish authorities with a marriage certificate. Marriage certificates must be legalised and translated in order to be deemed valid.

‘True copies’ of documents are those that have been witnessed by an authorised official – such as a Notary Public. Properly processed, true copies can be used in lieu of an original document, such as passports and birth certificates. This is advisable, especially if you are requested to send identity documentation by post to authorities in Spain.

A Medical Certificate of Good Health proves to Spanish authorities that you are free of any diseases or viruses that may be harmful to the public upon your arrival in Spain. 

If you are applying for a working visa in Spain, you may need to have your degree (or other qualification) authenticated. This provides governments overseas with assurances that the documents, and therefore your qualifications, are genuine. You can find out more about degree authentication.

Particularly for visas where you will not be granted access to the Spanish healthcare system, you may be required to provide evidence of private medical insurance. It must cover you for all of the time that you intend to stay in Spain. We work closely with insurance partners in Spain; specialists in providing cover for expats in the country.

The Numero de Identificacion Fiscal (NIF) is the Spanish ‘tax identification number’ for natural and legal citizens. For those who are not Spanish nationals, they will need to apply for a Numero de Identidad de Extranjero (NIE) or ‘Foreigners’ identity number’. We assist applicants in obtaining both NIF and NIE cards.

How we can help

Whatever documentary evidence you need, ahead of submission to the Spanish consulate, we are here to help. We have extensive experience in the collection and processing of documentation, ensuring that our clients have the best possible chance of success with their visa applications. Get in touch to discuss the options with a member of our team.

Key services you may need

A Notary Public is authorised to certify documents for use in foreign jurisdictions. To have a document ‘notarised’, you must meet with a notary for them to sign and seal the particular document in person, certifying it as genuine. You can read more about what a Notary Public by clicking the hyperlink.

Legalisation is the process whereby the signature and seal of an authorised official is checked by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). They confirm that the official is registered and authorised to sign the document. Once confirmed, they will issue with an apostille; a certificate, authenticating it for use overseas. Learn more about apostilles and legalisation.

Sworn Translation
Spanish authorities request the ‘sworn translation’ of most documents that need to be submitted to them. Sworn translators are qualified linguists, appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the translation official and legal documents. Find out more about our Spanish translator, Devora.

Easy and convenient notary services

Our main offices are in London, Manchester and Sheffield, though we can meet you elsewhere too. This ensures that our notary services can be accessed conveniently at a location near you.

We also provide both standard and fast-track apostille and legalisation services, depending on your timescales.

Our Sworn Translator – registered with the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs – has 17 years’ experience in the translation of official documents.

With are experts in the preparation of documents for use overseas. Get in touch to discuss your needs with a member of our team.

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