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The visa is your key to retiring to Spain.

The visa is your key to retiring to Spain.

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The Non-working Residence Visa, formerly the Non-lucrative Residence Visa, allows you to live in Spain without carrying out any paid work. The visa’s rules on working mean that, to be eligible, you need to have sufficient means to live on. It is particularly popular with retired people, and many expats who live in Spain choose this visa option. 

The visa also allows your spouse or unmarried partner to live with you in Spain, as well as any dependent children or relatives in your family unit.

The documents you require

Much like the case with the Non-lucrative Residence visa, there are a number of documents required to make your application for the newly named Non-working Residence visa. These are:

The family members you wish to bring with you must also meet several requirements. For example, documents that prove their family relationship with you must be provided, as well as proof of their own financial means. In the case of adult children, or other dependent adult relatives, documents that prove their financial dependence must be provided.

All the foreign documents that you provide as part of your application must be legalised or have an apostille. In addition, these documents should be submitted together with an official translation into Spanish.

What activities am I permitted to do?

You may:

  • Include your spouse and any family members when applying for a family or joint visa
  • Invest in a rental property if you have the financial means
  • Enjoy less restricted access to the Schengen Area. You are permitted to spend 90 of 180 days within the Schengen area. Time spent in Spain does not count towards this.

How long does it take to receive a decision?

It usually takes up to one month to receive a decision about your application, although this may vary. It should not take more than three months. 


Yes. You will have to attend a compulsory interview at the consulate office as a part of your application process.

A Spanish Foreigner Identity Card is a document that verifies a foreigner’s legal status in Spain. It is given to foreigners who have been granted permission to reside in Spain for more than six months.

The card is known as tarjeta de identidad de extranjero in Spanish (TIE). It includes your name and surname, as well as the validity term and a unique number known as the Foreigner Identity Number.

Read here for further information from the Spanish government. 

Holders have one month from the date of admission to apply for their Foreigners’ Identity Card (TIE) at the Foreigners’ Office. Registration at the town hall that corresponds with the municipality where they are residing in Spain, must also be completed within this time frame.

Non-working Residence Visa holders must enter Spain within three months of their visa being granted.

All official documents must be legalised through your consulate representative, or with the Hague Apostille. Woodcock Notary Public can assist you with this, with excellent customer service and fast turnaround times. 

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