Woodcock Notary Public provides simple, smooth and trusted solutions for all of your notary and legalisation requirements.

Woodcock Notary Public provides simple, smooth and trusted solutions for all of your notary and legalisation requirements.

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What is a Criminal Background Check?

The UK Criminal Records Office, ACRO, is the official UK government agency tasked with checking up on the police records of individuals.

Once these checks have been completed, they will supply you with a certificate, listing any past convictions you have. It will state ‘no trace’ if you have none.

When you need a Criminal Background check.

You will likely need a criminal background check if you are applying to live or work abroad as a part of your visa application, or if you choose a job that involves working with children. A successful check will satisfy governmental authorities that an individual is of ‘good character’.

Governments require this information so they can monitor who is entering their country. If you have a criminal record, your visa application could be negatively impacted or even denied.

How do I apply for an ACRO certificate?

The process of applying for and using an ACRO check, begins in an online, or postal, application to the UK Criminal Records Office.

The application requires:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • Passport style photographs

(If applying by post, the applicant must send only scans or photocopies of identity documents.)

Then, the ACRO office will process the application and send the police certificate to the home address supplied. The certificate mentions the applicant’s name(s), date of birth, gender, passport details, photograph, address, and details of any legal convictions.

Why you need a Notary Public:

The ACRO certificate will require attestation by a Notary Public – or other authorised person – before it can be submitted in support of a foreign visa application.

Attestation is the process by which a notary adds their signature and seal to a document, these are to prove you are who you say you are and that your ACRO document is legitimate.

Once this is done, it can be certified by the FCDO. This process is known as legalisation.

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