Degree certificate authentication

Degree certificate authentication

Why do I need to get my degrees and diplomas authenticated?

If you want to work or continue your studies overseas, then any qualifications you used to support you in your job application will need to be authenticated. 

Employers and educational institutions will request you get degrees, diplomas and other types of qualifications authenticated so as to prove that your qualifications are real, and so that they can employ you in their field.

What is the process for degree certificate authentication?

There are a few different steps involved in the degree certificate authentication process.

First, the notary will need to contact the institution that issued your certificate, such as your university’s records department. This is to confirm that they were the ones who issued your certificate; you will be required to provide written consent for the notary to be able to do this, so as to be in agreement with the Data Protection Act.

Second, the notary will certify the authenticity of your degree certificate, and stamp a copy of the certificate with their notary seal.

Third and final, your degree or diploma will need to be legalised. This will be done by issuing it with either an apostille from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, or by putting it through the consular legalisation process. Whether your degree needs an apostille or consular legalisation depends on which country you plan on going to. We can help you figure out which one you will need.

Why you need a Notary Public

A registered Notary Public can carry out the authentication of qualifications such as degrees and diplomas for you. Our Notary Public of England and Wales, Nathan Woodcock, can help you with degree certificate authentication.

To meet our notary, you can either book your appointment to be at one of our offices, or you can use our mobile notary service. We have offices in London, Manchester and Sheffield that you can meet our notary at.

Additionally, if your qualifications require an apostille, or embassy legalisation so you can use them overseas, then we can help you. The process you need depends on what country you are going to, but we can manage the process of both for you. 

We work closely with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office to get an apostille for your documents. We have a standard service that takes 10 to 15 days, or a fast-track service that takes 5 to 7 days. 

For embassy legalisation, we will work with the embassy of the country you want to go to, so your qualifications will be legalised for use there.

If you need our help to authenticate your degree, diploma, or other qualification, then get in touch today.


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If you have any questions about our notary, apostille or consular services, contact Woodcock Notary Public today.

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