Do you need a notary but do not have the time or means to travel? Then use our mobile notary service, which goes straight to you.

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Mobile notary

Our mobile notary service is a popular and convenient way to get your documents notarised for use abroad. 

Our qualified and experienced Notary Public will bring the notary office to you, providing you with a seamless and convenient solution for all your notarisation needs.

You can choose a time and a place that suits you. This does not just have to be at home; if there is another suitable location for your appointment, you can have it there. For example, an office or café could act as a place to meet. 

Additionally, we can also accommodate hospital, care home or prison visits if this is required.

We can save you time and hassle: let us come to you

Why choose Woodcock Notary Public?

Our notary is capable of driving up and down England for appointments. Whether you live in the countryside, a bustling city, a small town, or on the coast, you can use our mobile notary service. 

Mobile convenience: There is no need to travel. Nathan, our Notary Public, comes to you, so you can have more free time instead of having to drive to an appointment.

Flexible scheduling: We understand that life gets busy. That is why we offer flexible mobile notary appointment scheduling to accommodate your timeline, ensuring you get the mobile notary services you need when it is most convenient for you.

Fast and reliable service: Our experienced team is trained to handle a wide range of documents efficiently. You can rely on us for quick and reliable notarisation services, without compromising on accuracy or professionalism.

Can I arrange a mobile notary appointment outside of working hours?

Yes. Our mobile notary service is meant to be a straightforward and hassle-free way for people to get their documents notarised. Providing appointments out of normal working hours allows us to assist you at your convenience. 

Appointments can be arranged for in the early morning, or even in the evening. 

Weekend appointments may also be available.

Areas we visit

We have offices in London, Manchester and Sheffield, which can act as meeting places if you so choose. Our mobile notary can meet you at one of the offices if you do not wish to have your appointment at home or elsewhere.

How a mobile notary appointment works

  1. Schedule an appointment:
    First, call us or complete the form on our website to schedule a notary appointment at a time and place that suits you.
  2. Meet our Notary Public:
    Nathan Woodcock, our Notary Public, will arrive within your appointment slot, at the scheduled location.
    He will be equipped with all necessary tools and documentation. For more information, read about what to expect at your notary appointment.
  3. Notarisation:
    Then, your documents will be notarised with precision and care, adhering to all legal requirements.
  4. Receive your notarised documents:
    Finally, once notarisation is complete, you will receive your documents.

If our mobile notary service appeals to you, do not hesitate to contact us today to arrange your appointment.

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