We provide efficient, innovative, and successful notary solutions for businesses and individuals.

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Woodcock Notary Public provides specialist notarial services to businesses and individuals. 

We have offices across England and, together with our mobile services, they enable us to be on-hand wherever needed. 

Our clients’ satisfaction is reflected in nearly 200 five-star reviews and this number continues to rise. Our reviews highlight our commitment to provide the best possible service.

We also have strong and trusting relationships with our business clients,  owing to our focus on customer satisfaction. We work with large and small enterprises to provide them with the services they need.  

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What is a Notary Public?

A Notary Public is a type of lawyer. They authenticate and certify official documents. Their job is to certify the authenticity of deeds and legal documents.

In many cases, people require them when they want to use their documents abroad. 

If you want to use an official document in a different country, and a solicitor’s authentication is unacceptable, then you will need to get your documents notarised.

Notaries can also attest to the truth and accuracy of translations. Each document that is notarised will bear the notary’s signature, which will confirm that the document has been certified.

Getting your documents notarised can be a crucial part of using them abroad. For example, without notarisation, it would not be possible to get married in a different country. 


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