UK passport applications

UK passport applications

The application process for British nationals

If you are applying for a British passport, you will need to know about the different processes that vary based on your individual circumstances.

Those who were born in the UK and have British citizenship will just need to supply the correct documents. The documents vary based on whether you were born or adopted in the UK after 1982; for example, you will need to send a document related to your parents.

Regardless, those born in Britain will need to supply their original British birth certificate. 

British Overseas Citizen Passport applications

The document requirements for British Overseas Citizens are slightly different. You will need to provide your birth certificate, your current passport, or the passport you used to enter the UK. 

UK passport applications for after naturalisation 

Anyone who is applying for a passport after they have successfully applied for UK naturalisation and become a British citizen, will have a different process.

If you are one of these people, you will need to provide a valid passport from the country you previously came from, along with your certificate of naturalisation. Any documents that have been written in another language will need a certified translation; we can help you with this.

Application to change your gender on your passport

You will need to apply to change your gender on your British passport. To do this, you will either need your gender recognition certificate, a new birth certificate, or a new adoption certificate. The certificate you send acts as proof of the change. 

Why you might need our help

Here at Woodcock Notary Public, we can assist you with ensuring that your documents are efficiently and accurately translated for when you make UK passport applications. 

Additionally, if you have not yet got a gender recognition certificate to change your gender on your British passport, then we can act as a witness to the signing of your declaration. 

We can help you with translating documents for your British passport application, as well as with any other issue related to the documents you need for a British passport application. 

Get in touch today to see how we can help. 


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