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11 July 2022

Getting your documents notarised for use in France

If you want to use your documents in France, we can help.

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Notarise documents for France

If you want to visit France and use your documents, or want to go from France to the UK and use your documents here, then you will likely need the services of a Notary Public.

A Notary Public is a type of lawyer that is able to officiate, authenticate, and certify your documents. They are most often used when you are conducting personal or business activities abroad. 

Woodcock Notary Public is experienced in assisting you with notarial needs, and is happy to provide its services to you. We have served thousands of clients over the last few years, leaving them pleased with our notary services.

The key thing to be sure of before you approach a notary is that you really need to use one. There are several circumstances and reasons that you might need to get something notarised if you are going to France, or coming to the UK from there.

Documents that require the use of a notary

The types of documents that require notarisation can include:

  • Proof of identity
  • Powers of attorney
  • Translations & certified copies
  • Marriage, death and birth certificates
  • Degree certificates
  • Declarations
  • Affidavits
  • Company documents

There are many other documents that can be notarised for both individuals and businesses. For a full list, visit our webpage that lists the documents that can be notarised for individuals, or the list of documents for businesses.

Using French documents in the UK

French citizens will need to get the documents they want to use certified by a Notary Public, such as Woodcock Notary Public. In most cases, you are unable to get your documents notarised by the British Embassy in Paris. This is because they are, in most cases, unable to provide such a service. 

If you are unsure about needing a notary for your document, we would be happy to advise you. We can provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Notarise your documents for France

If you are British and intend to conduct either personal or business activities across the channel, a Notary Public will enable you to do so. 

In the case of powers of attorney, a popular service that we provide, the French system is particularly complex. The French authorities have particular rules and regulations that must be met in order for such documents to be accepted. We, as an experienced and expert notary public firm, are able to navigate such complexities so you do not have to.

Our services

As a registered Notary Public, we are capable of notarising a range of documents for use in France.

Once we notarise those documents for France, we can also assist you with the process of getting an apostille. This is a document that is accepted by 125 countries around the world, and legalises your own documents for use in whatever country you want to go to, such as France. 

We can assist you with the process of getting an apostille, as we work closely with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

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If you have any questions about our notary, apostille or consular services,
contact Woodcock Notary Public today.

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If you have any questions about our notary, apostille or consular services, contact Woodcock Notary Public today.

Call us on 0330 133 6480 or email