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29 March 2021

A guide to applying for a US Child’s passport

If you are a United States national living in the United Kingdom and planning to travel to the US with your children in the future, you may need to apply for a US child’s passport.

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By Chimere Nwaegbu, Legal Intern

Woodcock Law & Notary Public can assist with all your notarisation requirements during the application process for your child’s US passport from overseas, and have prepared a guide to make the process easier for you.

Children under 16 with claims to US citizenship are required to enter and depart from the United States on a valid US passport. 

The application process involves an in-person appointment attended by the child and all parents/guardians at the Consulate or Embassy depending on location.

Step 1: Gather your paperwork

Applying parents must fill out a DS-11 form left unsigned.

Applying parents must also prepare proof of their child’s US citizenship, evidence of their relationship with their child and other relevant documents.

Examples of proof of citizenship include:

  • US birth certificate 
  • US Consular Report of Birth Abroad
  • US Certification of Birth
  • US Naturalisation Certificate
  • Passport of US citizen parents in which child is included
  • Original Long form birth certificate: if proof of child’s citizenship is the U.S. passport of a parent in which they are included.

Any one of the documents listed above is sufficient.

Examples of evidence of relationship:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Adoption decree
  • Divorce/Custody decree.


Other relevant documentation:

  • A suitable U.S. passport sized photograph
  • Their valid government issued photo ID
  • Foreign non-US naturalisation certificate
  • All foreign passports currently held or previously held (if applicable)
  • Official evidence of their child’s name changes (if applicable).
  • Official educational records (if applicable)
  • Official medical records (if applicable)
  • Judicial declaration of incompetence of non-applying parent (if applicable)
  • Death certificate of non-applying parent (if applicable).


Step 2: Schedule your appointment

Appointments are to be made at the Consulate or Embassy depending on location.

All parents or guardians of the child must attend the appointment, unless the applying parent has sole responsibility of the child. If one custodial parent is unable to, they must submit a notarised Form DS-3053 Statement of Consent ahead of time. At the time this form is presented, a copy of the same identity document used to notarise the form must also be provided.

How long is it valid for?

Child passports are valid for 5 years, after which your child must reapply for a new one, unless they are over 18 by the time it expires, in which case they may apply for an adult one.

How has COVID-19 affected the application process?

Currently, the Consulate and Embassy are not offering routine appointments, however, they are offering emergency appointments only for passport and citizenship services.

Visa Fees

Fee is $115.


Applying for first passport – 

Child passport renewal –


If you have any questions about our notary, apostille or consular services,
contact Woodcock Notary Public today.

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If you have any questions about our notary, apostille or consular services, contact Woodcock Notary Public today.

Call us on 0800 049 2471 or email